Visit Our Facility at 101 Leventis Dr. Columbia, SC School Cafeteria Dish Table Residential Hoods Residential Stainless Countertops Rush’s Hamburgers Table with Removable Under Shelf Heathwood Hall School Cafeteria Kitchen Movie Concessions with Stainless Steel Cabinetry and Top Frozen Yogurt Cart for Magnolia Carts School Cafeteria Serving Line

Welcome To Dewey’s Service Company

Dewey’s Service Company is located in Columbia, SC and has been in operation for 32 years.

We specialize in a variety of custom commercial kitchen equipment to meet the needs of school cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, and military dining facilities.  We also offer custom residential products and services as well as veterinary supplies.

Business hours: M-Thurs: 7am – 5:30pm
Contact Information: Business: (803) 776-1617, Fax: (803) 783-3539, Address: 101 Leventis Drive Columbia, SC 29209

Commercial Kitchen Products

Movie Concession Stands

Our customers include Lizard’s Thicket, Wild Wings, Sticky Fingers, Magnolia Carts, Rush’s Hamburgers, Fort Stewart (GA) and Zaxby’s.  Please visit our products page for additional information.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our staff can work with you to fabricate custom designs out of a variety of metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Carbon Steel.  Our process utilizes CAD (Computer Aided Design) software in conjunction with CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) laser and plasma cutting tools to produce a precision product that will meet your needs.  Please visit our Custom Metal Fabrication page for additional information.

Veterinary Products

We offer a large variety of quality veterinary products lasting stainless steel surfaces.  Pet care products are designed and built to comply with the industries highest standard.  In addition to our standard product line, our experienced engineering/design department can work with you to meet your custom needs as well.  Please visit our veterinary products page for details.